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Staying relevant for your customers and society, that is crucial for long term success as a company. Too often companies get caught up in short term financials, and make changes only on an instrumental level.

We believe that long term growth can only be reached when you design holistically: considering the company in its ecosystem, linked to society, customers, other stakeholders and its environment.

The Growth by Design framework is a powerful guide in determining how change can be approached to ensure lasting impact.

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A guide for forward looking organisations. A holistic and coherent approach for sustainable growth and change in a complex and uncertain environment.

Addressing the 8 perspectives of the Growth by Design framework in designing and executing ensures all the elements are included that are required for sustainable growth and change.


  • Strategy: purpose, context, vision, mission, ambition, innovation thesis
  • Organisation: structure, teams composition, roles, level of autonomy, centralised versus decentralised
  • Governance: strategic-, portfolio- and funnel management, allocation of funding & resources, metrics
  • Culture: purpose & values, culture code, desired behaviour, language, stories, leadership posture
  • Solutions: labs, programs, training & playbooks, agile teams, partnerships, (open) innovation methods
  • Skills: Design Thinking, Lean Startup, business model innovation, customer centricity, agility and digital skills
  • Tools: IT tools, communication platforms, portfolio tools, canvasses
  • Places: brainstorm facilities, (co)location of teams, workspace for teams


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Every organisation design and transformation is unique and is formed by the needs and context of the organisation.

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Growth by Design Canvas

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Growth by Design Canvas

Innovation Transformation

Everything changes. Disruptive innovations come and go. It is changing how companies make money, how we serve customers, how we work. Transformations in retail, mobility, food, energy, the financial system. How do we adjust? How can we become more innovative?

Our Growth by Design approach helps you to become a super innovative company. Not in 1x, but step by step. Choose the right elements to innovate successfully.

How we do this can be explained well to a customer. But how do you do that as simply and effectively as possible online? We test that in the form of this signed video.

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