Growth by Design
The world is changing faster than ever before, this leads to the continuous need for companies to be innovative, change the business strategy and to revitalize core businesses to stay ahead of competitors. This is one of the reasons why we think it is so important to invest in innovation capabilities. Not only in one part of the organisation, but within all components of the organisation and in co-operation with outside worlds. To disrupt instead of being disrupted a holistic, design approach is needed.
We believe that continuous innovation does not consist of separate activities, but connected efforts from 8 different axes:


Is there a clear innovation strategy and/or thesis?
Do you know how to alpply it to your daily practice?
Is the strategy ambitious & innovative?
Does the strategy help in determining priorities?
Is the strategy in line with market development?



Is there an innovation portfolio?
Is it clear how decisions are made?
Do people know what to deliver?
Are responsibilities clear?
Do you use data for decisions?



How is innovation distributed?
How are innovation teams organized?
Is there dedicated support for innovation teams?
How does the reward system influence innovation?


Does leadership stimulate & enable innovation?
Do you speak the same language?
Do you feel confident to try new things?
How do people treat failure?
How well do different BUs cooperate?
What taboos affect innovation?
Is there a clear picture about the desired behaviour?



Is there a structured innovation approach?
What are the experiences of current solutions & their providers?


What type of (innovation) roles do you acknowledge?
What skills do the different types need?



Are the physical locations supporting your work?



Are learnings shared?
Do you have the right (supporting) tools for innovation?
What experience is there with innovation tools?

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