Growth by Design Canvas

Your transformation on one page

The Growth by Design canvas can be used for mapping your current (before transformation) and desired (after transformation) state. The two main elements are strategy and solution.

A transformation will help you achieve your core purpose as an organisation. Therefore we start with defining the strategic priorities for this transformation. Culture, governance and organisation should support this strategy. Culture because you need your people to support the transformation, they should believe in the purpose, so what type of mindset and behaviour do you need? Governance to reward the desired type of behaviour and to monitor the progress towards the organization’s strategic goals. Organisation to facilitate people to actually do it.

Solutions should help achieving the strategic goals by selecting a format. In order to work with that format, certain skills, tools and places are necessary. (New) types of skills to work in a different way. Tools and places to support them in the new way of working.

The Growth by Design canvas depicts all 8 perspectives, starting from strategy:

    Depict your ambition and overarching strategic priorities to provide a clear focal point (for your transformation effort): e.g. purpose, context, vision, mission, ambition, innovation thesis
    Describe the behaviours & values you need to achieve your transformation goals: e.g. purpose & values, culture code, desired behaviour, language, stories, leadership posture
    Design your decision making processes, governance structures & performance management systems to accelerate your strategy: e.g. strategic-, portfolio- and funnel management,
    allocation of funding & resources, metrics
    Design your organisation to facilitate teams to achieve your strategic goals & individuals to flourish: e.g. structure, team composition, roles, level of autonomy, centralised versus decentralised
    Select the solutions you need to realise your strategic goals: e.g. labs, programs, training & playbooks, agile teams, partnerships, (open) innovation methods
    Identify the key skills teams need to develop: e.g. Design Thinking, Lean Startup, business model innovation, customer centricity, agility and digital skills
    List the tools you need to empower your teams and organisation: e.g. IT tools, communication platforms, portfolio tools, canvasses
    Design the physical surroundings where your teams need to get their work done: e.g. brainstorm facilities, (co)location of teams, workspace for teams

Do you want to use the canvas within your own organisation? Download the canvas by leaving your e-mailadress below and start your transformation journey.

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